Bone of the Ancients is an E-tech relic manufactured by the Eridians. Bone of the Ancients is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source and has an increased drop from Legendary Loot Midgets in UVHM.

Special Effect

Increases Damage of one elemental type and improves Action Skill Cooldown Rate.

Usage & Description

Appears to be a combination of an Elemental Relic combined with a Proficiency Relic with increased damage to one elemental type combined with Action Skill recharge rate.

Due to this, it is advisable for either MayaGaige, or Krieg  to use it, due to their strong proficiency with elemental attacks, and while Maya has a relatively short cooldown, Gaige and Krieg have long ones, meaning that they will get the most out of the Bone of the Ancients, especially a shock variant and fire variant, respectively.

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