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Boom Stick
Boom Stick 5 line
Listen up, you primitive screwheads...
Manufacturer: Torgue
Type: Combat Shotgun
Model: Boom Stick
Element: Any ×1
Damage: 310 – 1258
Burst: 6
Accuracy: 0.0
Fire Rate: 3.2 – 4.5
Magazine Capacity: 6
Game Borderlands
Special Part(s): BoomStick_barrel3_Carnage

The Boom Stick is a unique shotgun manufactured by Torgue.

Examples are on the talk page.

Special Weapon Effects

Beyond Groovy – Shoots rockets. Expends 6-round clip with one pull of the trigger.

Usage & Description

The Boom Stick has an accuracy of zero, and empties its magazine in one pull of the trigger. It also sports a unique Carnage barrel as a mandatory part of its build.

Drop Guide


  • May spawn with any accessory. See Carnage for the details about the effects of elemental accessories on this weapon.
  • May spawn with the Friendly Fire accessory. The weapon's title may appear as an un-prefixed "Fire." Like a normal Friendly Fire Carnage, the weapon will NOT be incendiary.
  • Will only fire in bursts of 6 shots with upgraded ammo capacities.


  • The name and red text is a reference to Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness movie. Ash, the main character, introduces a shotgun as his "boomstick" when traveling back in time, and commonly uses the word "groovy" when acknowledging an upgrade to his armaments.[1]


The Boom Stick effect comes from the BoomStick_barrel3_Carnage barrel. It is based on barrel3_Carnage. It provides a huge boost to accuracy, a light boost to damage, and severely penalizes spread. The Boom Stick always comes with mag4, and is made of BoomStick_Material, which is equivalent to Material_Torgue_2. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

BoomStick_barrel3_Carnage barrel3_Carnage
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: -30%
Damage: +600%
Spread: +100%
Burst Count: +6
Fire Rate: +400%
Reload Speed: +100%
Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: +30%
Damage: +500%
Spread: -50%

Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500

See also


  1. Youtube: Army of Darkness

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