Borderlands: Gunsight is the third tie-in novel written by John Shirley for the Borderlands universe, published October 2013. Chronologically the book takes place between Claptrap's New Robot Revolution and Borderlands 2, but more specifically after the Moonbase has been established and before New Haven was sacked.

Takes place after the events on Borderlands: Unconquered

Back Cover

The Borderlands cannot be conquered!

Mordecai and Daphne have gotten themselves in a tough spot near the highly dangerous town of Gunsight, one of the most remote outposts on the planet Pandora, out in the  boonies of the boonies of the Borderlands. Daphne has been taken prisoner by Jasper, a local warlord who controls the area around Gunsight... except for that other settlement, the former mining town of Tumessa. There's some kind of big secret operation going on in Tumessa--another warlord, a particularly mutated Psycho named Reamus, is somehow making money. And he's been relentlessly raiding Gunsight and kidnapping Jasper's people. Jasper may be scum, but he needs those people for raids on other towns, so it all has to balance out. Mordecai needs to negotiate for Daphne's release, but now the only way he'll ever see her alive again is to kill his wat into Tumessa, find out  what's going on there, and report back to Jasper-- only then will Mordecai get a paycheck and the girl. Mordecai doesn't want the job, but he is pretty devoted to Daphne... and somehow, he might just be able to turn this entire mess to his advantage....

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