Team members cannot be removed due to inactivity. They must resign or be found guilty of wronging the wiki.

The Greet Squad

  • Voluntarily greets and assists new users
  1. Final signature (Liaison)
  2. razldazlchickmsg5,206 Edits (admin)
  3. L y n n e talk(Chief Liaison Officer)
  4. Veggienatersml
  5. F ₳ ┬ M @ И 2539 talk
  6. Click for inventory! Prinny Riceygringo
  7. The Delightful Doomsayer Fire Water Balance cropped Balance in Destruction

Surgical Strike Cleaning Crew

  • Handles {{Cleanup}} on aisle 5
  1. Click for inventory! Prinny Riceygringo Asst. Sanitation Engineer @ Large
  2. Veggienatersml
  3. MadCrayolaz ®

Forum Police

  • Wikinazis
  1. Frysiggot2 (admin)
  2.  nagy   talkScorpio-fulllog    
  3. New sig
  4. AtlasZaph talkZaph contribs

Article Improvement Brigade

  1. happypal (talk • contribs • inventory)(admin)
  2. Daemmerung
  3. EndoMus
  4. DuckmanBR
  5. Tiger Avatar  Airos  ( Talk  Contribs  Email )
  6. M0xxy

Chat moderators

  • Chatmods monitor this wiki's chat room and can suspend user's chat rights.
    • NOTE: Sysops and bureaucrats are automatically granted chatmod privileges.
  1. MadCrayolaz ®
  2. CrackLawliet
  3. F ₳ ┬ M @ И 2539 talk
  4. L y n n e talk
  5. Veggienatersml

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