The community has decided to set aside unreleased content spoilers and promotional information for talk pages and forums and blogs. To this end, admins may lock pages, even grossly blank pages, until such time as the community decides the content is well enough known or disclosed to publish.

Articles so designated shall be tagged with the {{FutureGame}} template. The template shall remain on the page until content is released, even if unprotected.

Information obtained from pre-loaded patch files and data mining may be suppressed in this fashion.


Appeals to unlock or publish content may be made on any article's talk page.

Notable Exceptions

  • No admin shall inhibit publishing speculation and/or spoilers on forums and blogs.
  • No admin shall inhibit or suppress information obtained from data mining, developer's diaries, or promotional videos on forums and blogs.
  • As ever, content within a user's namespace: subpages, user & talk pages, is the dominion of the user alone and only subject to wikia's Terms of Use.

Thanks to Yukichigai for pointing out lack of policy.

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