Boss Nova is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Scav. It is obtained from the SHiFT station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands.

Special Weapon Effects

BWAAAA BWAAAAA BWUUUMMMM! – Consumes 2 ammo per shot. High projectile speed. Decreased fire rate and slightly increased magazine size. Greatly increased damage and elemental effect chance; extremely quick reload speed for a Scav assault rifle. Upon hitting a surface, projectiles explode in a small nova.

Usage & Description

The fired projectile itself doesn't damage enemies, in fact, it goes through any enemy, and explodes only when hits an inert surface. Therefore, most effective usage pattern of this gun implies targeting the ground right underneath enemies, or walls behind them, and renders it unusable against airborne targets.


  • The impact of the nova immediately negates critical hit collisions, making them impossible to get on this weapon without the use of Nisha's Tombstone skill.
  • It is currently the fastest Scav assault rifle to reload.
  • The Luneshine effect in this weapon is stored in the first accessory slot instead of the second, thus making this weapon unable to hold any attachment.
  • The projectile will explode upon impact with Fighter Jets.

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