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Fry zomb'z brain
Location Hallow's End
Given By Zombie TK Baha
Level 20
Rewards 39600XP, $2411
Playthrough 2
Level 50
Rewards 11232XP, $72250, No Item
Previous Brains
Next Braaaaains
Game Borderlands
Downloadable Content The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
Mission Type Optional mission

Brains is all TK can talk about.


It's a good thing you like TK.



Get TK some brains to eat.
  • Brains: 0/25
"TK is still hungry for brains. Get him some more."


The objective is to kill zombies with head shots, collect twenty-five of the brains that fall, and return them to Zombie TK Baha.


"You gave him more brains. He appears to be coughing up an item... "


  • As long as a player stays in a zone, the brains that drop from zombies will remain on the ground until picked up. Therefore, if a player has completed the mission, with characters in Hallow's End, the extra brains can be left on the ground for the next Brains mission.
  • After the mission is turned in TK will eat a brain and vomit up an item, such as a weapon, class mod, or an artifact.

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