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Braking Wind is a mission given by Shep Sanders to restore power to Fyrestone.


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Release the emergency Turbine Brakes at Zephyr Substation.

  • Turbine Brake A released: 0/1
  • Turbine Brake B released: 0/1
  • Turbine Brake C released: 0/1
"During one of their first raids, the bandits took over Zephyr Substation and set the emergency brakes on all the wind turbines. they tried to ransom the region's power supply, but Helena Pierce refused to negotiate. We've been running off generator power ever since. Since you're on some sort of anti-bandit crusade anyway, why not release those brakes and turn the power back on? There'll be a reward for your trouble."


Eliminate the bandits in the area then follow the mission markers to each turbine brake control. Once you've released each brake, head back to Shep to compete the mission. It is possible to kill most of the bandits by using a vehicle.


"The power grid's back online, such as it is. Now, I need you to activate all the air conditioners. Just kidding! Dahl seized those right about the time they built the turbines. Some sort of 'green' initiative, I guess. Crazy, if you ask me, There's nothing green on this entire planet!"

Nearby Missions


The name of this mission references the term "breaking wind", but in this instance replacing "breaking" with "braking" as a reference to brakes.

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