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Bratchny is the title of a group of common sniper rifles in Borderlands 2 manufactured exclusively by Vladof. The Bratchny is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Bratchny sniper rifles use the Hyperion barrel, granting them a doubling in accuracy, slight increase in recoil and a reduced fire rate.


  • In keeping with Vladof's use of Nadsat in their naming conventions, the term "brachny," or брачный - the adjective, associated with marriage in Russian. For example: "брачный контракт" = "marriage contract".
    • In A Clockwork Orange this word has opposite meaning.
    • In Russian localization this name was changed to "soyuz" (rus. союз) to keep masculine gender in names and prefixes of items with soviet aesthetic of Vladof corporation.

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