Brawn is Salvador's third skill tree, of three. The Brawn tree focuses on physical toughness. His other skill trees are Gun Lust and Rampage.



Brawn Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Hard to Kill - Regenerates and increases maximum health.
  • Incite - Taking damage increases movement and reload speed.

Tier 2

  • Asbestos - Decreases status effect duration per level.
  • I'm the Juggernaut - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives damage reduction for a short time.

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus - Taking damage gives health regeneration per level for 5 seconds. This effect does not stack.

Tier 6

  • Come At Me Bro - While Gunzerking, the player can taunt enemies to attack them while instantly regaining full health and massive damage reduction for a few seconds

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