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Bring The Vault Key To Tannis

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Grab the Vault Key and return to Tannis at her Rust Commons dig site.

  • Vault Key: 0/1
"The Vault Key won't work again for another two hundred years, so it is now effectively useless. Tannis has volunteered to become the caretaker of the key, and may even pay well for it."


The Vault key falls right in front of the overturned pedestal used to unlock the Vault. Pick it up after the cutscene and take it to Patricia Tannis. She will reward handsomely for it.


"Thank you for bringing this to me. This cash sum should cover the hardships you've endured, and ensure your continued silence. The key won't work again for hundreds of years, but I must keep it from falling into the wrong hands. In the meantime, I will continue my research. It appears that there is more to be learned from the Eridians than weaponry and spaceships."

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