Bruiser-Traps are bruisers that have been assimilated by the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap to fight on the side of the Robot Revolution. Their appearance differs somewhat from their normal counterparts in that, in addition to the usual assimilation gear, they have wires or cables sticking out of parts of their bodies.



Bruiser-Traps move at a walking speed with no regard for their own safety, preferring to rely solely on their own physical resilience rather than seek cover when under fire. This makes them relatively easy to fight in a tactical sense in that they can be avoided and have their line of sight blocked, but also present a protracted engagement due to their high health. They rarely carry shields, so incendiary weapons are very effective against them.


  • Bruiser-Traps have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Playthrough 1: Bruiser-Trap
    • Playthrough 2: Brute-Trap
    • Playthrough 2 complete: Bully-Trap

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