Bruisers are biker units that appear in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They are muscle-bound brutes with a gun, and little regard for personal safety.

Campaign of Carnage Bruisers

  • Burner Bruiser (Pete's burners) - The Burner Bruisers among Pete's burners wear yellow pants and pith helmets, but are otherwise bare-chested. They can be found wielding sniper rifles in The Beatdown.
  • Burner Bruiser (Torgue Forge) - An unusual type of Burner Bruiser can be found in the Torgue Forge wearing dark pants and a full face mask. Shotguns are their common weapon of choice.



Bruisers stalk the field of battle at a walking pace, never bothering to seek cover as they rely on their own fortitude to survive a fight. They have very high health for a standard unit and soak up quite a few hits before they die. When engaged at point blank range they may lash out with their free hand, but otherwise don't bother to close the distance to their targets.


  • Killing bruiser units contributes to the Cruising for a Bruising challenge. Such kills are unique among bikers in that they do not count towards Bikers Killed in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list.
  • Burner Bruisers in the Torgue Forge use the same character model as the Badass Bruiser in Borderlands.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Crusher, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Bone Crusher.

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