The Buffalo is a Unique sniper rifle manufactured by Jakobs. Buffalo is obtained from the mission Demon Hunter located in Lynchwood.

Special Weapon Effects

Bison Bison had had had had had Bison Bison Bison shi shi shi – Greatly increased damage, weapon always spawns without a scope.

Usage & Description

The incredibly high damage of the Buffalo is offset by the lack of a scope, requiring the use of iron sights. This makes the Buffalo more difficult than other sniper rifles to use at extreme ranges. However, in mid-range combat, the clear iron sights make it easier for players to maintain their peripheral vision and situational awareness, while delivering the deadly accuracy, critical hit bonus and damage of a powerful Jakobs sniper rifle.

As with all other side mission rewards, if players wait until finishing the main story in True Vault Hunter Mode before taking the Demon Hunter mission from the bounty board, upon completion the reward item will scale to Level 50. In this case it has the potential to be a top-tier sniper rifle, at least for players who prioritize high damage shots rather than rate of fire, and are willing to use iron sights instead of a telescopic optical sight.


  • The rifle has very similar effects to Whitting's Elephant Gun, which was also attained by killing a large Skag.
  • A very similar weapon, the Elephant Gun, can be obtained in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.
  • When used with Decepti0n, a crosshair will appear, slightly above the gun muzzle. With the gun damage bonus and gun critical hit damage bonus granted by Decepti0n, this weapon becomes more deadly, since precise shots with devastating damage can still be delivered even at long range.


  • The flavor text refers to linguistic riddles based on the words buffalo, had, and shi.

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