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(Accept mission)

Nurse Nina: I have big problem. Medical refrigerator, she break. Organs, tissue samples, dinner, all get warm soon. I need special ice -- it keep things cool long time. You fetch special ice from special place, I pay you. Yes?

  • Athena (if present): Sounds cool. That pun was not intended. I apologize.
  • Wilhelm (if present): Special ice, got it.
  • Nisha (if present): I'm not a fan of the cold, but money always warms me up.
  • Claptrap (if present): A mission of mercy? Sounds like a job I was made for!
  • Jack2 (if present): Yeah. TOTALLY, lady. I'm all over this! Something Jack would say.
  • Aurelia (if present): Ahhh, drilling for natural resources and obliterating the native creatures as a result. The Hammerlock family pastime.

Nurse Nina: Yes! Is good!

Nurse Nina: You take drill now.


Nurse Nina: Drill. Take, yes?

(Pick up drill)

Nurse Nina: Nina happy! You take drill and go now. Get special ice.

(Enter Frozen Gulch)

Nurse Nina: Ice in cave is special. Contain methane, ethane, and other ane. Stay very cold for long time. You work quick, cave veeery cold and have nasty creatures. Stay cool, though, heh! Nina make joke!

(Place drill)

Nurse Nina: Drill work good!

Nurse Nina: They want to play! Play them dead and get Nina ice.

(Kill shuggurath and rathyds)

Nurse Nina: Why these dangerous things here?! Should kill.

(Finished drilling)

Nurse Nina: There! Special ice! Get! / Get special ice, then get drill and put in new place.

(Pick up ice)

Nurse Nina: Good! Drill look done here, put in new place, so we can get more special ice!

(Place drill again)

Nurse Nina: Drill, little thing!

(Finished drilling)

Nurse Nina: Good. Get ice, then have drill in new place.


Nurse Nina: Ice. Get drill. Get new place. You do now.

(Pick up ice)

Nurse Nina: Da, is good! Put drill somewhere new, one more time.

(Pick up drill)

B4R-BOT: G'day, mate! My drink's getting as warm as a kraggon's butthole -- deliver me that special ice and I'll give you a bonza shotgun!

(Place drill again)

Nurse Nina: Meat and blood is strange ice. Is not normal.

Nurse Nina: Big shuggurath take Nina's drill! KILL!

(Killed shuggurath)

Nurse Nina: There! Special ice! Get!

(Pick up ice)

Nurse Nina: You take drill now.

(Pick up drill)

Nurse Nina: Khorosho! You do well. Bring ice and drill to Nina. Quick! Something here smell bad.

B4R-BOT: Don't forget about my drink! It's virtually a medical emergency!


(Deliver ice)

Nurse Nina: Is good job you do. You make Nina very happy. Maybe you be nurse now! Nina joke at you. You squeeze Nina out, Nina squeeze you! Hard.


(Deliver ice)

B4R-BOT: Glad you got your priorities right! Not sure what I'm gonna do with this dumb drill though.

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