Burning Sensation is a challenge that takes place in Frostburn Canyon. It requires the player to locate three ECHO recordings regarding the Cult of the Firehawk. This challenge is worth 1 Badass Rank.

ECHO 1: The first lost ECHO is located in the caves. Once you go up the ramp to the bandit village, stick to the left side until you reach the wall. There is a small pocket at the end with the device.

ECHO 2: The second lost ECHO is in the structure high above the frozen lake if you go left at the entry point. To reach it, you must go through the bandit camp in the middle and go to the path to the left with the spiderants. Cross the small bridge and walk around to the back of the structure to pick up the device.

ECHO 3: The third lost ECHO is also near the bandit camp in the middle where you went through for the second lost ECHO. When you reach the bandit camp, you'll notice a tent with an electrical field. Follow the wires to the right path. Jump across the platforms to reach the device.



Incinerator Clayton: The sky lit up with fire, blood, and bullets, and screaming. One of our scouts came back from his morning patrol exactly as he usually did, except this time he was on fire. His skin was black and crisp, his vocal cords cooked. As we circled around his smoking form, ready to divvy up his loot, he shrieked with his last ounce of breath: Firehawk!


Incinerator Clayton: As I see the aftermath of the Firehawk's war on the Bloodshots, I finally understand - the Firehawk is everywhere. The Firehawk is a god of justice. A god of vengeance, and rage, and hate, and death, and beauty. It watches us from on high, and it punishes the wicked. We must pay homage - we must pay homage. We must fear the Firehawk. Respect the Firehawk. Worship the Firehawk.


Incinerator Clayton: No one has seen the Firehawk, but we feel its presence everywhere. The Bloodshots - those disgusting marauders who operate out of the old Dahl dam - mounted raids on the gates of Sanctuary for weeks. Until suddenly, they stopped - I see scorch marks all around the Bloodshot camps. No human could stop the Bloodshots so completely, so violently, so... beautifully. No one but a god could accomplish such a feat. 


Borderlands 2 Burning Sensation Challenge Guide01:34

Borderlands 2 Burning Sensation Challenge Guide

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