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Buzz Axe Bombardier is a tier 3 skill in Krieg's Bloodlust skill tree. When thrown during Buzz Axe Rampage, Krieg's buzz axe will explode as soon as it makes contact with a surface. During Buzz Axe Rampage, Krieg's buzz axe will have a bundle of lit dynamite attached to the end.


  • Adds explosive damage equal to the base damage of the thrown buzz axe.[1]

Special Skill Text

Axe go Boom!


  • When points are invested in both Fire Fiend and Buzz Axe Bombardier, the thrown buzz axe will both explode and have a chance to light enemies on fire.
  • When a point is invested in this skill, the buzz axe is treated as a grenade. Because of this it will trigger the skill Blood Bath and counts towards grenade associated challenges.
  • Buzz Axe Bombardier can be extremely powerful when combined with Strip the Flesh, and class mods that increase explosive damage.
  • The impact radius of the explosion is actually quite large. This means Krieg does not actually need to hit an enemy to damage them with this ability, making a thrown buzz axe much more effective against fast or small targets.
  • The explosion can damage Krieg himself when the impact location is too close.

Krieg Skills
Buzz Axe Rampage
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