CL4P-L3K is a notable Claptrap in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


CL4P-L3K is the result of Tassiter's desire to have a Hyperion robot designed for a combat role. Much of the robot was cobbled together from the basic frame of a CL4P-TP unit and other parts scavenged from the Veins of Helios.



Main article: Eradicate!


  • CL4P-L3K has a chance of dropping the legendary Oz kit 3DD1.E
  • If patch 1.0.5 is not installed, CL4P-L3K can only be a respawnable enemy if it is trapped rather than destroyed during Eradicate!. If the patch is installed, CL4P-L3K can be spawned after the mission's completion by activating the same terminal that began its assembly during the mission.
    • If CL4P-L3K was not destroyed during Eradicate! with patch 1.0.5 installed, this can result in two CL4P-L3Ks to battle - one that is spawnable from the terminal and one that appears alongside Eghood.