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Callipeen is the title of a group of common sniper rifles manufactured exclusively by Jakobs . The Callipeen is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. They use either the Maliwan or Dahl barrel.

Usage & Description

The Callipeen is the jack-of-all-trades Jakobs sniper rifle, with a bias towards damage. Low-quality Callipeens will usually have poor rates of fire (less than 1) and will be shown as bolt-action.

As quality increases a Callipeen may either retain a low fire rate and have increased damage, or increase in fire rate to around 3 and be shown as semi-automatic, with a lesser increase in damage. The exclusive pre-order sniper rifle can be a Callipeen.

Rarely, a Callipeen may spawn with a firerate as 3 without a bolt action screw.


  • Cobra - Unique sniper rifle which fires explosive projectiles similar to Torgue gyrojets with no elemental splash damage, as well as carrying a hefty +110% critical bonus. 
  • Godfinger - Pearlescent sniper rifle which fires projectiles that split into an arc; damage increases the further away the user is from the target.


  • The "Gearbox Callipeen" is available exclusively as part of the Premiere Club pre-order bonus package.
  • The Callipeen rifle has убийства written as part of the scope crosshairs, this translates to murder or assassination.


  • The word "calipeen" in the Native American Chinook language means "rifle" or "musket".

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