Can't See Me is a challenge in Research and Development.


Thirty cameras are spread throughout the level, mounted on walls 2-3 meters above floor level. All can be accessed in the process of unlocking the major parts of the level during the mission Science and Violence, although one is hidden on a lower level (part of the challenge Leap of Faith II).

All of the cameras are very easy to kill; even explosive damage nearby can knock them down. If approached, their normally green activity lights will turn red and they will track the vault hunter; this does not invalidate the challenge.


  • Given that you never get any confirmation when destroying a camera and it's easy for them to be destroyed in random battles with enemies it can be hard to keep track of which ones you've already taken care of.
  • The cameras only re-spawn after all of them has been destroyed and the game exited.
  • Destroying a camera will activate your kill skills.