Candlerrak's Crag is a location featured in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt in Borderlands 2. It is a high, craggy region full of sheer rock walls and deep chasms. Savages occupy the area and have roughly hewn steps into the stone in many parts of the precarious terrain.



  • Prisoners

Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Big Bluff

Big Bluff is a high rocky shelf that is home to Rouge. The open grassy field is dotted with a few giant footprints, and there is a discoverable vault symbol on the cliff wall adjoining it. A small platform protruding out from the ledge holds a red weapons chest.

Elite's Crossing

Elite's Crossing is a rope bridge spanning a deep chasm. It features briefly as a choke point where several Elite Savages conduct an ambush during the mission The Fall of Nakayama.

Lower Bluff

Lower Bluff is a small shelf beyond Elite's Crossing that is home to Bloodtail. There is a red weapons chest on a precarious platform above the bluff that can be reached by two carefully timed jumps from the cliff edge above. Falling from the planks near the access point can land a character on a narrow rock ledge with a safe drop down to Lower Bluff.

The Rage Cage

The Rage Cage is a natural arena that is home to Voracidous the Invincible. It can only be accessed by paying 8 Eridium at a switch to unlock the gate entrance. Outside is a Quick Change station and ammo dump to ensure that combatants entering the area have easy access to optimal character builds and ammunition supply.




  • The name "Candlerakk" is a possible reference to "Candlejack," one of the major villains in the Freakazoid cartoon.
  • "The Rage Kage" is a nickname given to Kyle Gass of comedy rock duo Tenacious D, notably in their song 'Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage' from the album 'Rise of the Fenix'.


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