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Captain Cabrera is an NPC in Borderlands 2 who runs the Creature Slaughter Dome in the Natural Selection Annex. Outwardly he appears as a Hyperion combatant but remains non-hostile at all times.



Mission accept

  • "Cap'n Cabrera here! I've got creatures--you got guns. Let's make some money!"

Mission start

  • "Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Have at 'em!"

After completing wave 1

  • "Technically we're in international waters, so this is all legal."
  • "If anyone from Hyperion asks, i've just found these little guys."
  • "It's not animal cruelty if they're trying to kill you."

At 50% complete

  • "Keep that chin up, you're half way through it!"
  • "You're half way done baby!"
  • "Half way there, keep it up!"

At 75% complete

  • "You're three-fourths done!"
  • "Seventy-five percent done!"

Round almost won

  • "Just a bit more, you can do this!"
  • "Keep going!"
  • "You're almost finished! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Round won

  • "You just made me a thousand bucks."
  • "Hey-hey, good goin'."

Round lost

  • "Good try, good try."
  • "Ouch--that looked like it hurt."

After mission turn in

  • "Hey, Moxxi said anything about me?"
  • "Remind me to never tick you off."
  • "Moxxi’s gonna be real happy with that turnout."


  • Although not in standard Hyperion yellow, Captain Cabrera wears Hyperion Soldier's helmet, Hyperion Engineer's exoskeleton with cutting laser removed, and some organic-looking shoulder attachments.

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