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Captain Flynt
Captain Flynt
"Burn, baby, burn!"
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandits
Location The Soaring Dragon
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2

Captain Flynt is a boss in Borderlands 2 and must be defeated in the mission Best Minion Ever. He is also the shipmaster of The Soaring Dragon and the leader of the bandits located there.


Main article: Best Minion Ever


  • Flynt has a chance of dropping Flynt's Tinderbox, a Bandit brand fire-elemental pistol with a high elemental effect chance.
  • Has a rare chance to drop Thunderball Fists.
  • The front of his head is protected from critical hits by his helmet. It is possible, though difficult, to score critical hits through the gap in the visor. This is easier to do if Flynt is above his attackers, looking down at them.
  • When visiting the area after the storyline mission, Flynt can target the vault hunters from a distance as they progress through the lower areas of the ship, and will fire at them if they enter his line of sight. It is possible to snipe him from the lowest floors as he sits on his throne, and to lure him onto the girders above Claptrap's lift for an easy kill.
  • According to the Bradygames strategy guide he is the brother of the deceased Baron Flynt from Borderlands who was also the leader of a group of bandits. This is supported by an audio file saying that he is still offering a reward for the head of whomever killed Baron, adding the fact that his name wasn't a title, and calling his parents "douchebags".
  • Unlike other enemies with cutscenes, Flynt can be attacked during his own by objects such as turrets or Deathtrap.
  • He has a temporary ability to light himself on fire (which coincides with the vents on the ship spewing flames). This greatly reduces any damage he takes for a short time.
  • Dropped the Dog on Day 3 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt.


  • "It's our new torture dolls, boys, let's turn up the heat!"
  • "At the sound of Heaton screaming for his life, it will be 2:30."
  • "See you again at 2:35!"
  • "A couple of you have asked me why I keep playing these pre-recorded messages on a loop. Well, I've got a great answer for you - a red hot poker to the eye! Isn't that right, Claptrap?" 
  • "That's Captain Flynt to you."
  • "This ain't over grinder!"
  • "Here's what's going to happen Vault Hunter - my first mate Boom Bewm is gonna kill ya, Jack's gonna pay us, and I'm going to play hopscotch in your chest-cavity."
  • "Captain Flynt again, asking if any of you has seen my Claptrap unit. Little bastard escaped a few months back. I've had to use Heaton as my back-up torture doll. (sigh) Just ain't the same."


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