Catch a Ride is a challenge in the Veins of Helios.


Option 1: Travel to the farthest east Air Dome Generator platform. Reach it by jumping from the central platform to the roof on the left and jumping to the eastern roof at which point there are two jump pads to use.

Look north and down off the platform, there are 4 sets of tracks. Any of them work. Jump down to a rail, run down to the end of the track and wait for a car to arrive at the bottom. Drop down onto the top of the car and wait for it to ascend all the way to the top. Hold crouch to avoid clipping on the tracks above.

The challenge completes when the car is stationary at the top end of the track.

Option 2: When you leave the airlock turn right - turn right again and walk past the storage boxes. If you look off the edge you will see some moving trams. Jump to the nearest track then jump down to the top of the track below - The cars on the lower tracks do not move but these cars still complete the challenge.


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