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Circuit Jumper is a challenge in Subconscious worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter must use all eleven jump pads in The Cortex's arena while in combat during the recurring mission l33t h4x0rz.


To complete the challenge, the Vault Hunter must accept the mission l33t h4x0rz and start the arena combat. Then, before the combat is over, the Vault Hunter must utilize all eleven of the jump pads strewn liberally around the arena.

If enemy activity makes completing the challenge difficult, one strategy would be to wait until the end of one of the waves, ideally with just a single Bug flying around, and then use the jump pads at leisure without killing the final enemy.


  • This challenge cannot be completed during the main storyline mission END OF LINE, even though a similar wave-based combat takes place during that mission.

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