Clan War: Trailer Trashing is an optional mission offered by Steve to go and burn trailers belonging to the Hodunk clan. The family feud has escalated to the point where property damage is making way for a rapidly escalating body count.



"Mick Zaford wants The Dust to run red with Hodunk blood."


The mission to set alight the Hodunk trailers is acquired from Steve the Bandit. An optional objective is to arrive at night so that Mick Zaford can enjoy the cheery glow of his enemies as they burn.

There are four gas cylinders in the Hodunk Speedway to be ignited. This is done by approaching each and releasing the valves, then shooting at them with an incendiary weapon. This causes the cylinders to detonate, setting the trailers alight. It also draws the attention of the Hodunks and each explosion will draw out burning Hodunks who will promptly attack.

Once the trailer park has been set alight the mission is turned in to Steve.


"The Hodunk clan's homes are burning. One cannot help but wonder how they will retaliate."


  • An incendiary weapon is required to ignite the gas cylinders. A Tinderbox appears in the Vault Hunter's backpack which is then removed from inventory once the mission is complete.

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