(Before accepting the mission ...)

Mick Zaford: I got another job for ya, boyo. Meet with my man out in The Dust -- he'll give ya the details.

(Vault Hunter goes to the location marked on his map where he meets Steve.)

Steve: Heyooooo!

(Mission objectives update: Get to Hodunk trailer park, Optional: Arrive at night)

Mick Zaford: They killed my boy. The Hodunks sent some... hick to track my boy Peter to our cash stash and den dey murdered him like an animal. Never hurt a soul, he didn't. There's only one thing to do: burn their trailers to da ground. Do it after sundown -- I wanna see their flamin' homes burnin' against the midnight sky! Get goin'.

(Vault Hunter waits for the nightfall then goes over to Hodunk trailer park.)

Mick Zaford: Get the gas tanks open, den hit 'em wit a fire weapon. Dis may seem... brutal, but da Hodunks started this.

(Mission objectives update: Open gas tanks: 0/4, Light tanks with fire weapon: 0/4)

(As the Vault Hunter opens the first tank ...)

Mick Zaford: Now hit the tank with a fire weapon. Regular bullets'll just bounce off.

(Vault Hunter shoots the tank with a fire weapon ... explosion and screams are heard.)

Tector Hodunk: What in the hell's goin' on out there?!

Mick Zaford: I don't apologize for dis. You go to war, you play to win. That means bein' willin' to do what the other side won't -- if dat means burnin' people in their homes while dey sleep, so be it.

(While fighting some Hodunk grunts, Vault Hunter continues with his job and sets the last trailer on fire.)

Mick Zaford': Ohohohoho -- you did well, boyo! Get back to Steve.

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Ellie: So, Papa Zaford had you set them fools on fire, hunh? That's pretty hardcore. If I know the Hodunks, they ain't gon' take this lightly -- when they strike back, they're gonna strike back HARD.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Steve.)

Mick Zaford': Few years back, an ex-Hodunk killed my son Lucky. We're holdin' our annual wake for him soon -- I'd be proud ta have ya there.

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