Claptrap first rolled off the assembly line 7 years ago! And he wants to celebrate by having a birthday party.


Deliver the three invitations then turn on the boom box to start the party. The timer will begin to count down from 2:10. Eat some pizza, blow the party favor, and enjoy the party!


  • Grab invitations
  • Hand out invitations to Scooter, Mad Moxxi and Marcus Kincaid
  • Return to Claptrap
  • Turn on boombox
  • Eat pizza
  • Blow into party favor
  • Enjoy party


"You went to Claptrap's birthday party. It got pretty awkward."


  • There is a QR code on the birthday invites. It reads "NICK WILSON HO OH".
  • If the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous is ready to turn in, taking this mission will force the turn in to Moxxi before the invitation. If the Sloth is desired as the reward, a turn in to Mordecai before inviting Moxxi works. Other missions such as Safe and Sound are not affected.

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