Claptrap's Secret Stash is an optional mission offered by Claptrap. Completing it unlocks access to the secret stash.



"You helped me reach Sanctuary, minion - and for that, you deserve a reward. I have a secret stash hidden very, very far away from where I currently am! In order to find it, you will have to perform a series of devious challenges. First, collect a few brown rocks for me. Then, defeat a badass skag. Then, pilfer the lost staff of Mount Schuler. THEN you shall bring me the head of the Destroyer of Worlds, and THEN YOU SHALL DANCE FOR MY ENJOYMENT! HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA--"
  • Talk to Claptrap
  • Collect 139,377 brown rocks
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby
  • Find stash (after Claptrap gives out the above objectives)


Claptrap wants to offer a reward for helping him reach Sanctuary, but first he has a few requests. He will announce five ridiculous objectives, all of which can be disregarded. Once he's done talking, the reward should reveal itself across the alley from him.

"Oh. Crap. It, uh, looks like the hiding space for my super-secret stash just fell apart, leaving it completely exposed. So...congratulations! You successfully subverted my meticulously-planned challenges! Why don'cha go check out the stash?"
"Even though you didn't bring me what I asked for, I've decided to let you use that stash to share weapons between my minions! Specifically the ones that, uh, that you control. (beat) Look, it's for twinking items between your characters."


"Claptrap's incompetence granted you access to his secret stash considerably earlier than expected."


Claptrap's Secret Stash Claptrap's Place

Claptrap's Secret Stash at Claptrap's Place

  • The secret stash operates like a small item bank that is shared between all characters of a particular account.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, a second location of the secret stash appears in Claptrap's Place. It is located in a closet where several broken claptraps are stored and the first "Cult of the Vault" symbol can be found. The inventory is shared between both locations.


  • Claptrap's completion dialogue is unusual in Borderlands 2 as it effectively breaks the fourth wall when Claptrap addresses players directly.
  • Twink is a term used in games to describe the process of shifting in-game items from one character to a lower level character.

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