Claptrap Rescue: Krom's Canyon is a Borderlands optional mission to find a Repair Kit and repair a Claptrap.



  • Repair Kit: All the stuff you need to repair a Claptrap and then some.
"You've discovered a defunct Claptrap here. It looks like the bandits were pretty rough on him. Perhaps there is a repair kit nearby?"


1. Finding the Claptrap

In order to locate the Claptrap, head to the right when you first enter Krom's Canyon. Follow along this path until you find a ramp leading up on your right. There is also a large skull/grenade logo painted on the rock wall right by the ramp. Head up this ramp to a small open area where you will have to fight some bandits.

It should be noted the repair kit is located in this area, attached to a beam connected to the tower shaped building, but you can't get it yet.

Continue to the west, crossing the metal ramps/bridges to the other side. You will probably have to fight some more bandits once you cross the ramps/bridges. Continue a little to the south west to find the Claptrap laying on the ground.

2. Finding the Repair Kit

To locate the repair kit, head east from the Claptrap, crossing a bridge over the canyon. You will have to fight more bandits in this area once you cross the bridge. As soon as you have crossed the bridge, look to your immediate left. You will see a small platform with a few boxes on it. (You will also see a can of skag meat on the boxes if you're working on the Earl Needs Food...Badly mission for Crazy Earl). To retrieve the repair kit, you will once again have to do a little jumping. Jump onto the platform with the boxes; from here you will have to jump to one of the platforms on the tower shaped building, then jump to the second platform. The repair kit is above you hanging from an overhead beam.

3. Returning the Repair Kit

Once you have the repair kit, return to the Claptrap. Be sure to hang around after you repair him and he'll lead you to a weapons crate.

"Thank you most effusively for you[sic] kindness and generosity! I am not worthy to lick your boots. Not that I have a tongue. Anyway, I have this trifling trinket, which you may find useful in your travels."


  • This Claptrap opens a storage area to the north containing a red weapons chest.

Video Walkthrough

Borderlands - Claptrap Rescue Krom's Canyon bob01:15

Borderlands - Claptrap Rescue Krom's Canyon bob

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