Find the Repair Kit and repair this Claptrap. Note that once it is repaired, Dr. Zed's claptrap may cower in the corner of the surgery.



"You've discovered another malfunctioning Claptrap robot. You noticed that there were some discarded Claptraps rusting on the scrap heaps around town. Perhaps some spare parts could be salvaged from those?"
Claptrap Repair Kit: A hammer and some rusty nails. It'll have to do.
File:New Haven Claptrap.jpg
New Haven Map Claptrap Location

New Haven Map Location of Claptrap

1. Finding the Claptrap

The Claptrap can be found right beside the New Haven Bounty Board.

2. Finding the Repair Kit

The required Repair Kit can be found down the street to the south of where you found the Claptrap. on a balcony above one of the New Haven buildings. In order to retrieve it, jump onto the top of the tires, then onto the garbage container. Once on top of the garbage container, jump onto the roof of the building directly in front of you. Once on this roof, you will see a resident of New Haven sitting in a chair. From this roof, turn around and jump onto the roof of the "blue hut". From the roof of the "blue hut" jump onto the balcony where the Repair Kit is located.
New Haven Repair Kit

New Haven Repair Kit

New Haven Map Location of Repair Kit

New Haven Map Location of Repair Kit

3. Returning the Repair Kit

This Claptrap, once repaired, will reward the player with a Backpack SDU, and knock a hole in a nearby wall, revealing a weapons crate. Note: On a second play through, this mission will reward you with a backpack SDU or grenade mod. (If your backpack is full when you repair the Claptrap, the chances of getting a Backpack SDU are higher.)

"Thank you, stranger! What a beautiful, wonderful day this is turning out to be! How can I possibly express my appreciation? I know-- take this! I think you'll like it!"


  • There is a second repair kit in New Haven that can be picked up during this mission; however it cannot be used and does not count as the repair kit you need. From the entrance to New Haven, head left and up a flight of stairs on the side of a building. Cross this building and jump over the fence on to the next building; the repair kit is on the floor next to a white weapons chest. This is likely a developer oversight.

Video Walkthrough

Borderlands - Claptrap Rescue New Haven bob01:41

Borderlands - Claptrap Rescue New Haven bob

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