Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper is a secret boss creature in the Borderlands 2 DLC T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest. He will spawn when four tasks are performed after successfully killing Pumpkin Kingpin.



Clark in the Church of the Dead

To summon Clark, the present players must successfully complete a series of tasks. These tasks consist of:

  1. Defeating Jacques O'Lantern or the Pumpkin Kingpin.
  2. Finding three hidden television sets which will turn on when approached.
  3. Destroying six pumpkins scattered around the map. (These will have red candles inside, rather than the more common green). These pumpkins will release fireballs that light up torches outside the Church of The Dead. Approaching the Church once these are all lit will cause a door to open, revealing a chest.
  4. Sacrificing any gun, shield, and grenade mod into the blood-filled cauldron. This will spawn a chest which seems to have a greater-than-average chance of containing purple or higher loot.

Once these tasks are completed, four sepulchres towards the center of the map will light their torches and Clark, a huge flaming skeleton, will spawn directly across from them. He is highly resistant to incendiary damage, but not particularly strong or tough to defeat.


Clark killing pumpling

Clark killing a Pumpling



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