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Find the World's Largest Bullet and obtain the code.

  • Find code: 0/1
"One of the Crimson Lance soldiers thinks he lost the access code at the 'World's Largest Bullet'. If you can get there first, you may be able to find it before he does."


The ECHO recording with the access code is at the World's Largest Bullet, sitting right next to a pair of vending machines in plain sight. bandits also inhabit the area and present a minor deterrent to adventurers trying to retrieve the access code.

The access code is revealed in General Knoxx's ECHO transmission:

"The depot access code is now Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange. If that's too hard for your walnut-sized brains to grapple, I've also made this handy acron- uh, word to remember. BYCO. Just remember BYCO, blue, yellow, cyan, orange. Or, BYCO. ...You're all just retarded...I don't even know why I try anymore..."


"You've managed to acquire the code to the munitions armory."


  • Mission Item: ECHO Recorder "An ECHO recording device. It may have some interesting information on it."
  • The ECHO recording retrieved to complete the mission is interrupted by Athena when she announces her mission is accomplished. The recording can be replayed from ECHO Log under "Todays code - BYCO".


  • "Time is bullets" is a sentence said by Roland when he is left idle for a while.

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