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Cold War is a fifth tier skill in Wilhelm's Hunter-Killer skill tree that causes his corrosive, incendiary, and shock status effects to apply an additional cryo status effect. A small compensation towards traditional cryo damage is made by slightly increasing Wilhelm's chance to apply the effect.


  • Though Venom Bolts (another skill in the same tree) allows the Wolf drone to fire corrosive projectiles; these cannot apply the bonus cryo effect.
  • The bonus cryo effect may only be applied to an enemy who does not already have a status effect active.
    • This quality has an uncommon paradigm for elemental skills in that weapons with a weaker elemental effect chance benefit the greatest due to the interim period in which the bonus cryo effect has an additional opportunity to be applied.
  • Avid use of this skill causes a paradigm shift towards elemental damage.
  • Using the Vibra-Pulse with Cold War can, cause the arcs from the Vibra-Pulse special effect to freeze target struck by it.

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