Commercial Appeal is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by an ECHO-record on crate.



"Mister Torgue wants you to star in the Torgue Corporation's newest commercial. He's asked you to use Torgue weaponry to blast your way through Torgue Forge."
  • Kill bikers with Torgue guns: 0/10


The mission is best done after completing Kickstart My Heart, because the door will be open, saving a trip around the entire Forge. Characters receive a Torgue weapon with which to kill ten bikers. Most other Torgue weapons can also be used for this purpose.

The area is hazardous, with limited cover from the enemy buzzard air support, and bikers attacking from various elevations on the catwalks. Some targets are shielded, but most are bare flesh targets that are quickly culled with incendiary attacks if the prescribed Torgue explosive armament proves to be unsuitable and safety supersedes the Torgue kill condition. Most of the targets in the area will attack from a safe distance, but psychos will also charge into close quarters.


"You did a good job in Torgue's commercial. Who knows – you might have a future in acting."

Turn in: Forge Bounty Board


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