The Company Man is a unique shotgun manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the Shift station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands.

Special Weapon Effects

Rhys will remember this. – Greatly increased magazine size (up to 3x higher than a same-level Thinking), and moderately increased damage.

Usage & Description

Despite having no particular unique red-text effect, the Company Man is a very effective Hyperion shotgun. The weapon has great synergy with various characters that benefit from the Hyperion reverse-recoil effect, such as Nisha and Athena. Aurelia, in particular, can use the Company Man very effectively with Large Caliber, as even with 11/5 points in the skill, the Company Man retains a larger-than-average magazine size. However, the Company Man can only be obtained as a Shift reward, meaning that each character can only acquire it once; this makes it difficult to acquire multiple copies of the gun in different elements.

Like most Hyperion-barreled Hyperion shotguns, the Company Man has a spread shaped like a tall, vertically-oriented rectangle, so it is sometimes better to aim for the center of a human target instead of the head, so that the maximum number of pellets hit the enemy.


  • The large print of the Atlas logo on the weapon and the flavor text are a reference to the events of Tales from the Borderlands.

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