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Corsairs are sand pirate units in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



Corsairs are quick melee fighters who wield a pair of cutlasses in combat. They are known to rush at their targets, occasionally ducking into evasive rolls to the sides in an attempt to avoid incoming fire. When they close to close range, they vanish entirely and cannot be detected even with Decepti0n. This hides them from attack as they make their final dash into melee range where they proceed to deliver slashing blows with their swords.


  • Killing a Corsair contributes to the Land Lubber challenge in the Pirate's Booty challenge list.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode Corsairs are renamed Pirate Ninjas.
  • Corsair-type enemies appear in the mission X Marks The Spot and are named Scarlett Corsairs.

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