Crawmerax's Lair is an area in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


Crawmerax's Lair had been opened and excavated, and the tunnel then equipped with an elevator to the Eridian ruins above the entrance. A number of Crimson Lance making the ascent were then killed by an enormous Crabworm known as Crawmerax the Invincible and his minions. Signs were later posted around the entrance to the lair warning any curious Lance to stay away.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


  • The vending machines at the bottom floor of Crawmerax's Lair always sell level 59-69 items depending on the patches installed. The ammo vending machine always sells the dark orange ammo SDUs.
  • There are several mutilated corpses strewn about the lair. Upon further examination, they appear to be deceased Crimson Lance soldiers.
  • This area is located by traversing the Lance outpost leading to Road's End and accessing the off-ramp to the right of the outpost leading to the highway above.



Main article: Crawmerax_the_Invincible#Glitches


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