Crazy Earl is an anti-social man who is lives in the appropriately named Earl's Scrapyard. The entrance to his "compound" is barricaded, but may be blown open by explosive methods after the mission Meet 'Crazy' Earl has been acquired from Patricia Tannis. Earl himself lives in a house with a fortified door, not far from the entrance to the Scrapyard. Visitors must fight their way past a nest of skags to get to Earl's shack and several spiderants that lie hidden a short distance beyond.


Crazy Earl, after receiving one of the fragments of the Key to the Vault, has had frequent encounters with bandits. They've stolen his food, his pet, his explosives, and the Key Fragment, which Earl explains is the reason for all the current defenses: "Krom heard about it and stopped by about a year ago. Gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Why do you think I barricaded myself in here?"

Earl greatly enjoys drinking, and one of his favorite foods is canned skag meat. He has a pet skag named Skrappy (Earl's Best Friend).


In Borderlands, Crazy Earl provides several missions that continue the main story, and several side missions as well.

In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Crazy Earl moves to Elpis, the moon of Pandora, and stays in Concordia, where he runs the Black Market. The Black Market allows Vault Hunters to trade rare Moonstone for ammo and inventory SDUs, as well as upgrading bank slots.

In Borderlands 2, Crazy Earl has moved back down to Pandora, living in Sanctuary, serving the same purpose he had in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, although since Moonstone is only found on Elpis, he accepts the equally rare Eridium as currency instead.




  • "Whatchu want?"
  • "Don't you hurry back!"
  • "Good riddance!"
  • "See you later!"
  • "Yep?"

Borderlands 2

  • Initial meeting
    • Whatchu want? Just buy somethin' and I'll toss in this crap fuel cell. Just touchin' it made two o' my fingers rot off. And I only accept Eridium -- cash is for clowns, boy!
  • Generic quotes
    • It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad!
    • Who told you about this place? I'll kill 'em!
    • Welcome to the Black Market, Heh! Don't tell your friends!
    • Whaddya buyin' hyuh?
    • I don't care what you buy, just buy somethin'.
    • Pick somethin', my time's valuable, kinda.
    • Buy somethin' or get outta my face!
    • I don't got all day, skaglick!
    • Whatchu want?
    • Why aint you bought somethin' yet?
  • ​'When buying
    • If anyone asks, you found that.
    • This never happened.
    • Holy crap! Someone actually PAID for that?!
    • Thanks for the Eridium, chump!
    • Heheh, what a sucker'.
    • Don't even think about bringing that back.
    • Displeasure doing business with you.
    • Take it and go!
    • Maybe THAT will help you kill stuff better!
    • Don't tell NOBODY where you got that!
  • When leaving
    • Outta my face, OUTTA MY FACE!!
    • And good riddance!
    • Where are you Skrappy? Skrappy-y-y-y! (almost crying)
    • Don't come back!
    • Come back now! I get a little lonely!
    • You know where to find me!
    • And stay gone!
    • Yeah, thats what I thought.
    • Don't you hurry back!


Crazy Earl shack

Crazy Earl's shack in the scrapyard

  • The doormat in front of Earl's door informs visitors that 'God Blesses This House. My (picture of an AK47) PROTECTS IT'
  • The mission "Earl Needs Food Badly" is a reference to the game Gauntlet, which uses the quote "[Class-name] Needs Food Badly". "The Elf Needs Food Badly" was voted the third best game line ever by Electronic Gaming Monthly.
  • Given his general callousness and preference for solitude, Earl may have taken possession of the key fragment from Patricia Tannis in exchange for a sexual favor. This is suggested by Tannis mentioning in the ECHO recording titled "Journal Day 653" that she "also gave him her underwear" after giving him the fragment.
  • Earl shares his facial model (his only seen features while in-engine) with King Wee Wee.
  • In the PC version, upon no-clipping into Earl's shack, it can be seen that he has no body. Only a head.[citation needed] This can also be seen in the Xbox 360 version just by getting really close to the door and looking in through the slot.
  • In Borderlands 2, sometimes Crazy Earl will say, "It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad!". This is a reference to a quote from The Legend of Zelda.
  • According to Scooter, Crazy Earl once ate one of his Runners entirely, using only a fork.

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