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The Crestfallen Player is an NPC found in the Immortal Woods in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He offers the mission Lost Souls.


The Crestfallen Player had been attempting to clear the area for sometime, having died eighty times in the process. On is last attempt, the Crestfallen player had been drinking an Estus Flask in order to heal his wounds, only to be stabbed through the back by -=n00bkiller=-, who had invaded his world in order to obtain the Crestfallen Player's souls.

As a result, the Crestfallen Player lost his humanity and all of his souls, transforming him into an undead skeleton. Fed up with so many deaths, the Crestfallen Player decided to stay at the last bonfire until help could arrive.


The Vault Hunters meet the Crestfallen Player at a bonfire in the Immoral Woods. He begs the Vault Hunters to obtain souls to replace the ones that he lost by lighting three other bonfires nearby. Lighting the bonfires summons skeletons, which drop souls when defeated.

Once the souls have been gathered the Vault Hunters give them to the Crestfallen Player whose humanity is restored as a result. Relieved, the Crestfallen Player admits that he had died eighty times trying to get through the woods. The knight who killed him, -=n00bkiller=-, appears and must be killed in order to complete the mission.



  • The Crestfallen Player's name, dialogue and his mission are references to the video game Dark Souls.

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