The Crit is a unique submachine gun manufactured by Maliwan that appears exclusively in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Crit is obtained from the mission Critical Fail given by Moxxi in Flamerock Refuge.

Special Weapon Effects

Slippery when wet. – Does very high amounts of shock damage. Has a chance (about 9.5%) to drop out of the player's hand when reloading. User is healed 2.5% of damage dealt while holding this weapon. Extremely high (+150%) critical hit damage bonus.

Usage and Description

The Crit is an above average Gospel variant with its most defining feature being the high amounts of elemental shock damage it can inflict, making it useful against shielded enemies or as a Mechromancer using the Little Big Trouble tree. As standard with Moxxi brand weapons, the Crit heals the user by a percentage of damage inflicted on enemies. In exchange for its cumbersome "slip-dropping" effect, its stats are comparable to a legendary SMG.


  • The Gunzerking action skill sometimes causes a weapon paired with the Crit to be dropped instead when the Crit is reloaded. This may also occur even when the Crit is not fired at all, and the paired weapon drops instead of being reloaded.
    • This does not affect mission items, since they cannot be dropped.
  • Each character has a unique line of dialogue, which is spoken upon "slip-dropping" the gun. This may only be heard while playing in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.
  • As of the patch released on November 21, 2013, the Crit is blue rarity when awarded, although the mission reward icon is still displayed as purple. Previously, a bug in the parts list for blue-rarity Maliwan SMGs mandated use of the "Type C" body, which elevated them to purple rarity. While Crits already in players' backpacks or storage retain purple rarity, any new Crits collected will be blue. This is the only unique Maliwan SMG affected by the fix. [1]


  • "Slippery when wet," is a phrase commonly found on warning signs used to indicate slippery surfaces nearby, however in this case the term has been used as a double entendre in keeping with the sexual innuendo common to Moxxi-themed items.