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A Cryo Vine in Stanton's Liver.

Cryo Vines are bulbous plants that grow naturally throughout many areas of Elpis in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


If anything approaches a Cryo Vine, it will shrivel slightly and release a cryo mist that has a high chance of causing a cryo damage-over-time, causing Vault Hunters to slow down and freezable enemies to be frozen solid. This same effect is also caused if a Cryo Vine is shot by any weapon. After about 10 seconds, the expended Cryo Vine will begin expanding to its initial size and has the potential of releasing another mist.

Unique Cryo Vine


The Coolabah Cryo Vine.

Within Crisis Scar, there is a solitary massive Cryo Vine named the Coolabah Cryo Vine that must be approached during the mission The Empty Billabong. Aside from its massive size and unique name, it behaves identically to the smaller Cryo Vines, but is capable of spreading its mist over a larger area.

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