Lilith: So, I... kind of inspired a cult. And not the fun, ask-you-for-autographs kind. I need you to infiltrate the Children of the Firehawk, and find out if they're planning anything shady. I'd do it myself, but I'm kinda worried they'd freak out if they saw their god in person. Go talk to the cult's leader, Incinerator Clayton.

(Vault Hunter goes to the Frostburn Canyon where he meets Incinerator Clayton ...)

Incinerator Clayton: I am Incinerator Clayton. And you... I witnessed you enter the lair of the Firehawk, and return unharmed. If you truly wish to serve our mother, you must pass a test: use a fire weapon to send my brothers to the Eternal Flame! Then collect their ashes, and return them to me.

Lilith: Hunh. Burning people alive is mildly shady, but these cultist sound like they want it. Which is weird. Do what he asks, I guess.

(When the Vault Hunter tries to kill bandits using incendiary weapons ...)

Lilith: These guys are resistant to fire, but Clayton wants you to burn them to death -- could be tricky. You might wanna whittle them down with a non-elemental gun, then switch to a fire weapon to finish them off.

Lilith: Remember, since those guys resist fire, you should beat the tar out of them with a non-fire weapon, then switch to a fire weapon for the last few shots.

(If bandit is killed using non-incendiary weapon ...)

Lilith: You've gotta burn the incinerators to death to get their ashes -- make sure you've got a fire weapon.

(When the first pile of ashes is collected ...)

Incinerator Clayton: Yes, torch. Bring me more ashes, just like that.

(When three piles of ashes are collected ...)

Incinerator Clayton: What is more beautiful than a handful of ashes? NOTHING! Nothing at all!

(When all five piles of ashes are collected ...)

Incinerator Clayton: That is enough, my young torch -- I can feel the Firehawk smiling upon us. Return the ashes to me.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Incinerator Clayton ...)

Incinerator Clayton: These children now know an ecstasy I can only DREAM of! Thank you, torch. Return to me for further trials.

Lilith: Sounds like you're in. Let me know if they're up to anything dangerous. Other than... burning themselves alive.

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