Incinerator Clayton: Unfortunate news, torch. There are idolators amongst us -- children who have betrayed their one true mother, the Firehawk. They follow a heathen demigod known as Scorch. I implore you, destroy this pretender and all those who follow him.

Lilith: Who cares if they worship somebody else? Look, just... play along. Clayton needs to trust you completely -- if they've been doing anything that we need to stop, that's the only way you'll hear about it.

(If the Vault Hunter comes back to Incinerator Clayton before defeating the Scorch ...)

Incinerator Clayton: Do not dawdle! You must complete my mission!

(Vault Hunter goes to the marked loaction where he finds a group of idolators bowing in front of and chanting to the Scorch ...)

(Vault Hunter engages and defeats the Scorch ...)

Incinerator Clayton: Mmm... the false idol is no more. I can feel the Firehawk smiling down on us. Can't you, young torch?

Lilith: As weird as this cult is... I gotta admit, seeing them kill that false god for me was kind of flattering. Ugh, I'm a bad person.

(Vault Hunter returns to Incinerator Clayton and turns in the mission ...)

Lilith: These people are weird, but they only seem to hurt themselves and that Scorch guy. Maybe we should just leave 'em alone.

Incinerator Clayton: You made the idolators pay. For this, I thank you.

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