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DAHL Combat Training: Round 2/Transcript

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(Accept mission)

TR4NU: Well hitch some britches and summon some witches! To the training area! You think I have TIME to change the reservations this late? Why not ask the SCAVS?!

(Enter arena)

TR4NU: I'm gonna turn up the heat for this one, but it's a good thing you already prebaked the coven!

(Survive round one)

TR4NU: Huuuungh! You ever think about ghosts?!

(Survive round two)

TR4NU: I love the smell of the morning!

(Survive round three)

TR4NU: We're gettin' somewhere, but I'm not sure you've grown a pompadour big enough to make it as a Dahl officer. Taking on my third round would elucidate my warts, cadet!

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