(to do: missing quotes for Jack2)

(Accept mission)

TR4NU: This is it, cadet! Survive this buffet of the toughest scavs I could rustle up on such short notice!

(Enter arena)

  • TR4NU (to Athena): You think a skull-arm and a chip on your salsa will let you forgive all the amenities?!
  • TR4NU (to Wilhelm): You think marrying the machines will turn you into a hog-wild pop star?!
  • TR4NU (to Nisha): You think a mean creamcake like you can torture your way to heavenland?!
  • TR4NU (to Claptrap): You think being made of soda cans makes you a natural born hardcastle, you Clapsnout?!
  • TR4NU (to Jack2): You may be pretty, but can you make the wind bleed with music?!
  • TR4NU (to Aurelia): You think you Vault Hunters' snack cakes mean a wooden tickle in this high horse?!
  • Athena (if present): I think I've come this far, and I don't intend to stop now.
  • Wilhelm (if present): I think I'll make a much better killing machine than you will. Crazy jackass.
  • Nisha (if present): I think I stopped listening to you an hour ago. I wanna watch some people die, let's go.
  • Claptrap (if present): I think YOU'VE been alone down here for far too long!
  • Jack2 (if present): What're you talking about?!
  • Aurelia (if present): I think exactly that, as a matter of fact.

(Survive round one)

TR4NU: Don't you dare pour cocoa butter on my floor, or I'll make you clean it up with your own sibilance!

(Survive round two)

TR4NU: Those scavs got the pipe cleaners where it counts!

(Survive round three)

TR4NU: You've done me proud, sir! Head on up to receive your official pantaloon parade!

(Turn in)

TR4NU: Congratulations, sir. You've brought a vulcanized posterboard to my heartworms.

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