Data Mining is a mission in Borderlands 2 that takes place in the Boneyard and Badlands of the Arid Nexus.



  • Head to the main pipeline
  • Reach Hyperion Info Stockade
  • Overload pump station 1: 0/2
  • Find second pump station
  • Overload pump station 2: 0/2
  • Find third pump station
  • Overload pump station 3: 0/2
  • Hit pipeline with vehicle
  • Enter Hyperion Info Stockade
  • Find data access terminal
  • Download Warrior location
  • Take map data


The objective is to reach the Hyperion Info Stockade through the Eridium pipeline, but on approaching it the ladder breaks down, denying entry to the pipe. Mordecai suggests visiting a nearby Eridium pumping station, which is guarded by a few loaders and Hyperion personnel. Once the initial resistance has been overcome, more loaders are sent by moonshot when Vault Hunters approach the inner perimeter. After they are dealt with, the two valves can be turned on to raise the pressure of the pipe. Mordecai ECHOs again about visiting two more Eridium pumping stations nearby and following the same procedure, each protected by the usual Hyperion loaders and personnel. Once the valves in all three pumping stations are turned on, Vault Hunters can crash any vehicle with the pipeline at the spot of the ladder to make a big hole though which one can reach the upper deck and gain access to the Badlands.

The Hyperion Info Stockade is built above Fyrestone but requires an elevator to ascend to the overpass which is located near the bus stop, and the path there is guarded by multiple JNK Loaders. On approaching the bus station a gigantic loader, Saturn is sent by a moonshot from the Hyperion moonbase, and guards the elevator. Because of the multitude of devastating long range attacks, it is best to destroy Saturn before trying to ascend to the overpass. Halfway into the overpass, more loaders are sent by moonshots followed by a Badass Constructor.

Once inside, a few EXP Loaders will try to stop intruders taking advantage of the uneven stair structure. At the upper floor is the panel which stores the whereabouts of the Vault as well as Lilith. On interaction, two more constructors are sent on each of the extended platform which can be destroyed with ease due to the cover provided by the building. Once the constructors are destroyed, the location of the Vault is revealed to be in Hero's Pass.


"No more planning. No more distractions. It's time to end this."


  • Mission item: Location of Eridian Warrior - "Data pointing towards the location of the Warrior."

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