Deadly is a Tier 1 skill in Mordecai's Gunslinger skill tree. It increases the overall critical hit damage by (roughly) 6% per level.


In terms of mechanics, Deadly does not actually increase the final critical hit damage by an overall +6% damage. Rather, it adds a +15% of the weapon's base damage to the overall critical damage, according to this formula:

CriticalDamage = BaseDamage ×
  (1 + EnemyZoneBonus
     + WeaponCriticalBonus
     + DeadlyLevel × 0.15)

For example, given a bonus of +75%:

  • 100 Damage Pistol => +75 Damage per critical hit.
  • 200 Damage Revolver => +150 Damage per critical hit.
  • 400 Damage Sniper Rifle => +300 Damage per critical hit.

+6% is the "would be" final overall bonus when firing with a non-critical damage bonus weapon (pistol, shotgun, rifle, etc.), at an enemy with a base +150% Critical Damage Bonus (bandits).

For more information on critical hits and their mechanics, see critical hit

Skill Progression

Critical hit bonus +15% +30% +45% +60% +75%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of an Assassin, Gunfighter, Gunslinger, or Truxican Wrestler class mod.

Critical hit damage +90% +105% +120% +135%


  • The bonus also applies to melee, as the critical damage of melee hits is the same as that of the current weapon in Mordecai's hand.

Mordecai Skills
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