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Defend Slab Tower is a side mission in Borderlands 2.



"Defend the tower!"

  • Pick up Slab beacons: 0/3
  • Place psycho beacon
  • Place marauder beacon
  • Place goliath beacon
  • Defend supply crate


At the start of the mission, the Vault Hunter is given three beacons to position Slabs in preparation for the impending assault. It is worth noting that when the previously friendly goliaths get their helmets shot off, they will not only begin attacking friend and foe alike per their usual behavior, but they will attack and destroy the cargo that is meant to be protected. For this reason it is advisable to place the goliaths on the front lines, furthest away from the cargo.

Once the beacons are set, loaders will start their attack run. A bandit turret at Bloody Knuckle Point can be commandeered to help whittle away their ranks as they march in from No Man's Land. Slabs will also pitch in, their buzzards providing air support while various ground units attack and slow the Hyperion advance.

Once the loaders' attack has been routed, it's time to investigate the supply crate that they wanted so badly.


"You've successfully defended the Hyperion supply drop and stolen the goodies inside. This is the exact kind of act that would earn you a tremendous amount of respect from your fellow Slabs, were they not completely insane and/or stupid."

Turn In: Hyperion Supply Crate


  • Mission Item: Bandit Beacon - "A beacon to summon the Slab bandits."
  • Unlike the usual bandits in Thousand Cuts, Psychos, Marauders, and Goliaths summoned during the fight will not wear Slab equipment. This is most noticeable on Goliaths, who will wear the standard-issue version.

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