Rocko: Hey, your dumbass Vault Hunter pal is here, Brick.

Brick: Shuddup, Rocko! Alright, Slab -- a Hyperion supply just landed in our turf instead of Jack's. Jack wants to destroy the supplies so we can't use 'em. You've gotta stop him. Take Rocko's flags!

(Mission objectives update: Pick up Slab beacons 0/3)

(Vault Hunter picks up the beacons.)

Brick: I marked some key defense points. Drop a flag on any of 'em, and my Slabs'll know where they gotta go and what kinda firepower they gotta bring.

(Mission objectives update: Place psycho beacon, Place marauder beacon, Place goliath beacon)

(Vault Hunter places beacons in their respective locations.)

Brick: Lookin' good. Now get up to the big-ass turret on the central tower.

(Mission objectives update: Go to command turret)

(Vault Hunter mans the turret.)

Brick: Here they come, Slab! Keep the bots away from the supply crate!

(Mission objectives update: Defend supply crate)

(Mix of loaders being moonshot deployed into the area ...)

Brick: Another wave's coming in!

(Depending on severity of damage to the supply crate, Brick may sound some of the warning below ...)

The supply crate's takin' damage!

You gotta protect the crate!

They're hittin' the supply crate!

Protect the supply crate!

They're beatin' the hell out of the supply crate!

Defend the crate!

They're beatin' up the crate!

(If the supply crate gets destroyed ...)

Brick: They blew up the supply crate, Slab. Better luck next time.

(When all attacker are destroyed ...)

Brick: Ahhhh! That's the last of 'em. Now, let's see what they were fightin' so hard to keep from us...

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter goes over to Hyperion Supply Crate and turns in the mission.)

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